Dear TV Licence holder

The SABC wishes to notify you that we are not liable for any claims of rewards (funeral cover, e-learning & voucher)

which were offered on a 3rd party’s website for paying your TV Licence. The rewards were offered and managed by the 3rd party company.

Any outstanding claims due are not the SABC’s responsibility. 

Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.

Debit Order

Dec 08 2016 / Published in Content

You can also pay your TV licence by debit order 

Organise up-front and relax. With a debit order you know that your legal obligation to pay your television licence in good time, thus avoiding penalties, will be taken care of automatically.

Just download the debit order form right here, print out and fax your details to (011) 330-9560/1.

For renewals, we’ll debit your account according to your payment preference: monthly or annual installments. Whichever you choose, once the debit order is set up you only need to notify us again should your bank details change.

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